Cyber Security Basics Certification Program-Udemy Free (100%)

Cyber Security Basics Certification Program-Udemy Free (100%)

Cyber Security Basics Certification Program

Learn The Basics of Cyber Security
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What Will I Learn?
  • Will be able to understand the basics of cyber security.
  • They will further learn how to deal with cyber security issues.
  • Will come to know about recent developments that have taken place in this area.
  • Will be able to do basic security on the internet and computers.
  • You should know how to work on computers.
  • Basic knowledge of Internet.
  • Student should have interest in the subject of Cyber Security.
Cyber security is the body of technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect networks, computers, and data from attack, damage, and unauthorized access. Cyber security training teaches professionals to spot vulnerabilities, fend off attacks, and immediately respond to emergencies.
We depend on technology heavily, which also translates to a rise in online hackers. The bigger the corporation is, the higher the risk of cyber attacks. This is when cyber security comes into the picture.
What is cyber security: Cyber security is the condition of being guarded against criminal and illegal activities that comprise of activities related to computer, information technology, and virtual reality. It also means the measures taken to acquire this condition. One must know the risks, threats, and consequences of cyber attacks.
- Who are the attackers: The attacker could be an external source like a hacker who gets into the system and steals files. The imposter could even be someone from the company itself, like an employee who has an access to confidential information.
- How are the attacks carried out: The attackers through viruses or botnets invade systems. It is even done by using a USB drive or clicking on an unknown link.
- When is the attack carried out: Cyber attacks mostly occur when your systems or the internal staff are vulnerable. There is no specific vulnerability and the attack can occur at any time.
- Which area is hit: Cyberspace is a limitless stretch so the attack can occur in any area.
- Why do these attacks occur: The external agents strike to leak or held captive crucial company data for earning ransom. And the internal sources like the employees do it for competitors in exchange for money. Some even do it as a revenge due to past unpleasant experiences.
- How to tackle cyber attacks: There are three ways of securing your website:
1) SSL Certificate: This certificate validates your website's identity and encrypts the information visitors send or receive from your site.
2) CodeGuard: It is a service that does an automatic backup of your website.
3) SiteLock: It scans your website for any threat and when it is detected, it works effectively to repair it. Also, you would be instantly notified about any attack.
It is protecting CIA:
  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability
This is typically done using a risk based approach where the risk is the expected impact of a breach combined with the likelihood that a breach will occur. The likelihood is given by the combination of a vulnerability and an attacker (or threat).
Cybersecurity protects individuals and organizations from cyberattacks. Here are some solutions, including both technical and human components:
Real-time Intelligence: Real-time intelligence is a powerful tool for preventing and containing cyber attacks. The longer it takes to identify a hack, the more costly its consequences. With just 60 seconds’ notification of a compromise, resulting costs could be reduced by 40%.
Complementary Actions:
  • Enacting a multi-layered defense strategyEnsure that it covers your entire enterprise, all endpoints, mobile devices, applications, and data.
  • Third-party assessments. Implement a “least privilege” policy regarding who and what others can access. Make it a habit to review the use of credentials with third parties. You could even take it a step further with a service level agreement (SLA).
  • Continuously backing-up data. This can help to safeguard against ransomware, which freezes computer files until the victim meets the monetary demands.
  • Patching frequently. A software patch is a code update in existing software. It can fix a bug, address new security vulnerability, address software stability issues, or install new drivers.
  • Whitelisting software applications. Application whitelisting would prevent computers from installing non-approved software. This allows administrators to have much more control.
Cyber-insurance scope varies across providers, but typically protects against security breaches and losses. Insurers typically limit their capacity to between $5 million and $100 million per client. The overall cyber-insurance market is estimated to be $20 billion by 2025, up from $3.25 billion today.
Human/Cultural Components:
  • For many CEOs and CFOs, hacking can be frustrating because they don’t understand the enemy. A Deloitte white paper suggests creating a dedicated cyber threat management team. It is also recommended that organizations designate a chief information security officer (CISO). For example, neither JPMorgan nor Target had CISOs when they were breached in 2014 and 2013, respectively.
  • Back to basics: Employee training. Data breaches are often the result of humans’ psychological weaknesses. It’s critical to educate your employees about the warning signs of security breaches, safe practices, and how to respond to a suspected takeover.
What will you learn in this course?
1. Basics of Cyber Security
2. Common Threats
3. National and International Actions
4. Principles of Cyber Security
5. Elements of Cyber Security
6. Certifications
7. Job Market
8. Cyber Kill Chain
9. Legal Issues and Global Reguation
10. Role of Government
Who is the target audience?
  • Students above 9 yrs of age.
  • Computer Science Professionals.
  • Information Technology Professionals.
  • Employees of organisations.
  • Corporates, Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Financial Officer
  • National Security Advisor
  • Software Engineers
  • Website Developers
  • Entrepreneurs



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item Cyber Security Basics Certification Program-Udemy Free (100%)
Cyber Security Basics Certification Program-Udemy Free (100%)
Cyber Security Basics Certification Program-Udemy Free (100%)
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