Introduction To Unity® For Absolute Beginners | 2018 ready-Udemy Free (100%)

Introduction To Unity® For Absolute Beginners | 2018 ready

Learn the Unity basics from installation to 3D objects, terrains, menus, basic animation, lighting & exporting to mobile
Introduction To Unity® For Absolute Beginners | 2018 ready

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  • Complete beginners who are willing to learn a new skillset
  • You should know how to install software on a PC or Mac
  • Some experience of coding is helpful but not required
  • Mac or PC capable of running Unity 3D
If you are looking for a free introductory course for the Unity 3D game engine then this is the 
course for you.
To have Unity 3D and a few example applications on your job profile is an enormous advantage 
for someone looking to work in this field or improve an existing job position internally.  
Linked In recently listed Unity developer as the 6th most posted job for companies in 2018.  
I'm Diego Herrera, a Unity and Augmented Reality instructor on Udemy and I've realised that each
 time I put together a new course, I tend to re-record the installation process and basics videos for 
each individual new course.
In order to make things easier for all students I wanted to put together this fundamentals course, 
for free, so the installation process and a solid foundation could be learnt in one place which I hope 
will be 
beneficial for people just like you.
In order to cater for everyone this course is aimed at absolute beginners and I do not expect 
any prior knowledge of the Unity 3D game engine or C# programming language.  If you are 
already familiar with Unity / C# and are simply looking to learn a few new things, the later videos 
in the course are a 
better place for you to start.  For everyone else, let's have a look at what this course covers.
So What Are We Going To Actually Do?
The course is broken into a few sections, the first being an explanation into what Unity 3D is and 
how you install it.  We look at the different licensing options and I guide you through the installation 
process including a few new tips on how to set Unity up using local cloud software to save your 
work and I also cover the new version of Unity where the Vuforia Augmented Reality software is 
now included.  Vuforia is not covered in the course as my other courses go into AR / Mixed 
Reality in more depth, however, I mention it in the installation process ensuring the package is 
installed ready for future use.
After installing the software I then look at each individual panel in Unity, what they are for and 
how they affect the scene.
I look at game objects both 3D and 2D.  How to rotate, scale and move objects in the world before 
we move into our first script to demonstrate how Unity objects are controlled via C# programming 
I don't go into advanced C# programming I simply demonstrate how basic code interacts with the 
game objects and give you the foundation to continue learning in your own time from that point.
We then move on into having a little fun, I show you the asset store and how we can get free 3D 
models and animate them in the software.  Progressing through the course onto creating a simply 
GUI graphic user interface to add a button to the screen and make it work.
I touch on how the Unity physics engine can effect the gravity of game objects and we have a 
quick look at how 2D games are made with physics to effect the game objects.
The exploration continues by moving into using a 3D terrain, this is effectively the ground you walk 
or drive on in a game.  We look at altering the height of the terrain, adding textures and finally trees 
and wind.
I then look at using the first person controller to walk around the terrain we have created and see 
the effects of the wind up close.
We make it snow using a particle system.  Later, after a little more fun, I demonstrate how you can
export the app to a mobile device for both IOS & Android.
The point of this free course isn't to make you an instant master in Unity 3D but to make 
you feel comfortable using the software, learn the terminology and open your eyes to app 
development the easy way.
I hope you have lots of fun along the way and if you enjoy my teaching manner feel free to 
check out my more in depth courses, just type my name into the search bar on the Udemy website,
See you in the course guys, learn lots, fun, easily and for free :)
Who is the target audience?
  • People with no knowledge of Unity 3D
  • People interested in 3D game development
  • People who have tried Unity but felt lost using the software
  • People looking to build apps for IOS and Android in 2018
  • People looking to add new skills to their portfolio