Learn Microsoft Azure: The complete introduction-Udemy Free (100%)

Learn Microsoft Azure: The complete introduction

Start your journey with Azure, get hands on and cover every Azure service available today
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We all have to start somewhere, if you want to begin learning Azure then this is the course for you.

What the course covers:-

    Getting setup with an Azure Account
    What is 'cloud' - hint, its not just a buzzword
    The different types of cloud - public, private, hybrid and community.
    Cloud Service Models - Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS) and Software as a service (SaaS)
    The history of Azure ... how it started, version 1 and version 2
    The Azure global infrastructure platform
    Architectural foundations - regions, region pairs & Geos
    Account fundamentals - Subscriptions, directories, resource groups and security
    Azure Virtual Networking - Key concepts
    Overview of all Azure Product areas - understand when and where they would be used
    Azure & AWS Product comparison - understand what products compete and compliment

Are there demos ?

Absolutely!! - we'll go through some exciting tech demos together :-

    Your first virtual machine
    A wordpress Instance using the Azure marketplace
    A high performance, highly secure website using Azure Storage + Azure Functions
    A chatbot - a serverless Chatbot using the Bot Framework to converse with your friends, clients and colleagues.
    Emotional Bot - serverless application to listen to keywords on twitter, understand their emotion (good bad) and warn you about anything you need to deal with.

Is this course up to date ?

Cloud in general is fast moving with almost daily updates. Azure is the fastest growing cloud platform and so keeping the content up to date is critical.

This course is under active development and will be kept up to date all of the time. You have lifetime access to what you get AND ongoing updates. Level Up Cloud uses the course currency dashboard to manage our updates - complete with an overview of changes and that all important ETA!!!

What are the requirements and who is the target audience?

    You DON'T need to be a developer... I'll step you through everything.
    You DON'T need any existing Azure or Cloud knowledge
    Yourself - just bring yourself, an open mind, and some time to learn
    A windows, macOS or linux workstation
    If you have AWS experience - I'll compare and contrast as we go - so you'll have a head-start.

What will I gain by doing this course ?

    Gain an understand of what cloud is - hint: not just a buzzword
    The ability to understand and define 'cloud'... be able to understand if things ARE cloud and which TYPE of cloud.
    Knowledge of the different (as a service) models - so you can apply them appropriately within your business.
    Enough Azure knowledge not to be nervous about using the platform.
    You will be able to make new Azure accounts - and secure them.
    Know what every product in Azure does at a high level.
    Hands-on experience with 4 REAL-WORLD things in azure - a Virtual machine, Static Web Hosting, ChatBot, Twitter Artificial Intelligence

What comes after ?

    This is up to you !! - As much or as little as you want.
    This is a free course - if you want to stop here, that's OK.
    I'm busy making Azure certification courses - they won't be free, but will be MUCH bigger. Getting certs will REALLY improve your skills and can get you promotions, exciting projects and salary improvements.

If you have any questions - I'd love to hear from you !!
Who is the target audience?

    Anyone who wants to start using Microsoft Azure