Try Django 1.9 | Build a Blog and Learn Python's #1 Library-Udemy Free (100%)

Try Django 1.9 | Build a Blog and Learn Python's #1 Library

Learn step-by-step to build a Django Blog Web Applications and get your project in the real world today.
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What Will I Learn?
  • Build a Django Blog
  • Learn Markdown into Django Integration
  • Learn Django Rest Framework for RESTful API Design
  • Grit & Persistance
  • HTML & CSS knowledge is a plus (not required)
  • Python knowledge is a plus (not required)
Try Django 1.9 Tutorial Series (Last Updated: Oct-2016)
Three project tutorials to help you launch your project this month. This course teaches you the basics of Django by building an Advanced and Modern Blog; the #1 Web Framework written in Python.
Create a Blog with Try Django 1.9Advancing the Blog
Learn Django Rest Framework in Blog API section to build a powerful RESTful API service.
Django is awesome and very simple to get started. Step-by-step tutorials are to help you understand the workflow, get you started doing something real, then it is our goal to have you asking questions... "Why did I do X?" or "How would I do Y?" These are questions you wouldn't know to ask otherwise. Questions, after all, lead to answers.
This is an Ad-Free Version of the Try Django 1.9 Tutorial Series from our Coding Entrepreneurs Youtube Channel. High Res Video Downloads are also included.
Furthermore, we teach you how to launch on a live hosting service called Heroku.
Over 200,000 students are currently learning from our courses.
Who is the target audience?
  • Python Beginners
  • Django Beginners & Advanced users (for API Design)
  • Non-Technicals
  • Anyone looking to learn Full Stack Development