History of Rock Music I - From the Early Blues to the 1960s

History of Rock Music I - From the Early Blues to the 1960s ( view course )

Learn about the history of rock music and its fascinating genres, styles and musicians.
History of Rock Music

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How is Pink Floyd differentiated from The Rolling Stones? Why is Jimi Hendrix considered as an immensely influential rock guitarist? What is the role of the social and political aspects in the San Francisco Hippies movement and the emergence of psychedelic rock? 

These are questions that can entail intriguing answers. The consideration of multiple narratives - style and stylistic influence, the social, political, and economic axes, etc. - against the musical timeline is essential to the thorough understanding and appraisal of the history of rock music. This is the approach I follow for the last 6 years in my university courses. It has proven very successful, and I see no reason not to apply it here as well!

In this course we will survey the history of rock music, from its roots (the blues) to the exiting rock genres of the 1960s, with a focus on:

    the various rock genres, sub-genres and styles
    the artists that played a role in the arrival and evolution of rock music
    the stylistic and other characteristics of each rock genre and sub-genre and the relationship between them
    the role of the economic, political, and social parameters in the shaping of rock music

The course is arranged in 11 sections as follows:

    Introduction & Overview
        Appraising a subject historically
        Preliminary technical information - addressing essential musical parameters such as melody, harmony, rhythm, genre. form, and style
    The Blues
        Country (Delta) blues
        City (electric) blues
    Country & Western Music
        C & W sub-genres (i.e., bluegrass and 'honky-tonk') and their impact on the 1950s rock & roll
    Rock & Roll
        Mainstream 1950s rock (Rock & Roll)
        1950s pop
    Blues-Based Rock
        London in the early 1960s - fascination with the Blues and the creation of blues-based rock
        The transformation of the blues into rock
        The guitarist as a rock hero
    The Beatles
        The role of the Fabulous Four in the formation of rock music in the 1960s
        The 'British Invasion'
    Folk Rock
        'Purity' and sensitivity - music as reflection of social ideals
        Integration of the sensitivity of rock music with the energy and drive of a rhythm section comprised of electric instruments
    Surf Rock
        Surf rock within the context of the surf culture in California during the early1960s
    Psychedelic Rock (San Francisco and the hippies movement)
        San Francisco and the Hippies Movement
        The social and political context in the 1960s and its affect on rock music
        Woodstock Music Festival
    Art Rock
        Infusing rock music with Western-European musical features
        Electronically generated sounds; musical complexity
        Wrapping up the course
        References to resources for further study

Who is the target audience?
    This course is open to everybody who has an interest about the history of rock music.
    No prior specialized musical knowledge is required, all the necessary information is included in the lectures

What Will I Learn?
  • You will learn the important rock genres and sub-genres, from the arrival of Rock & Roll to the rock genres of the 1960s
  •     You will recognize and evaluate the essential stylistic features of the various rock genres
  •     You will conceptualize essential musical concepts such as melody, harmony, rhythm, genre, form and style
  •     You will be able to apply your knowledge to evaluate the musical and non-musical characteristics of the various rock genres. How is Pink Floyd differentiated from Deep Purple? What characterizes more punk rock? Its musical, or social aspects?
  •     You will be able to define the historical, sociological, political and economic factors that contributed to the rise and demise of rock genres
  •     You will learn about the artists as well as the important junctures in the evolution of rock music
  •     Have access to a device that can play audio/video files.
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Instructor: Vasilis Kallis
Language: English
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