NEBOSH International Diploma/ Unit B- hazardous agents

NEBOSH International Diploma/ Unit B- hazardous agents ( view course )

Element 01- Principles of Chemical control Toxicology & Epidemiology 
NEBOSH International Diploma/ Unit B- hazardous agents

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    The NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety is the leading safety & health qualification for international health & safety professionals. Respected internationally by employers worldwide, this is the must have qualification for those wanting to be a "Safety Professional" and have a high level career in HSE management.
    Benefits of Achieving the NEBOSH Diploma:
    Valued by employers – NEBOSH Diploma holders get higher salaries (NEBOSH research).
    Boost your career prospects - NEBOSH Diploma holders are in demand throughout the world.
    Use the letters 'IDipNEBOSH' after your name.
    Entitled to graduate membership of IOSH (GradIOSH) & full membership of the IIRSM (MIIRSM).
    Entry requirement for many safety related UK Masters programmes.
     This course is about the first element of the unit B that is about the principals of control of chemical toxicology and epidemiology which covers. ILO conventions and recommendations, like convention C 170 and recommendation R 177as well as ILO code of practice 1993,this course involves also asbestos referring to asbestos types, health effects and asbestos fibers sampling and measurements techniques, we will discuss additionally human body systems like respiratory system, integumentary system and cardiovascular system and what are routes of entry into these systems, carcinogenicity course which refers to cancer causes, malignant temors development and scattering over the body, we will also discuss hazardous substances different health effects, airborne contaminants types along with their sizes and shapes, some specific workplace hazardous agents like Mercury, Nickle, Isocyanate, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, lead, benzene phenol, ammonia and sulpheric acid we will discuss their physical and chemical nature, industery in which they are used, health effects and target organ, in addition this course covers CHIP, CLP and REACH.
    Also animal toxicity test and human epidemiology as well as different past paper exams and command words explanation.
    This is course is designed for those who want to undertake the diploma, but unfortunately they don't have time to attend the courses, but NOW they can study and get ready to sit thier NEBOSH Idip exam.

Who is the target audience?

    Health and safety practitionars who hold NEBOSH IGC and are looking for a higher qualification.
    Those who want to boost their knowledge regarding chemical safe use

What Will I Learn?

    Understand the different ILO conventions and recommendations regarding safe use of chemicals as well as ILO code of practices.
    familiar themselves with asbestos types, health effects and use as well as asbestos fibers sampling and measuring techniques.
    Understand different human body systems, routes of entry of chemical agents into these systems, defensive mechanisms and thus be able to build up a robust control measures.
    be aware of carcinogenesis, how it occurs and develops, and thus how to create effective control measures against the carcinogenic agents in the workplace.
    Identify and understand different chemical health effects based on agent type, dose and duration of exposure.
    Identify and understand different airborne contamination types, sizes and shapes so that how these airborne contaminations would interact with human body is clear.
    Identify different hazardous agents types, industries in which they are used, as well as their health effects so that a proper and effective precautions can be taken against them.
    Identify and understand CHIP and CLP regulation and how to benefits from them in the workplace.
    Be familiar with chemical labeling requirements based on CLP regulations and SDS requirements based on REACH regulations.
    Be aware of REACH regulations and how these regulations components would help and control chemical supply and manufacturing in EU countries.
    Identify what is animal toxicity tests and how these tests would help us in order to determine chemical carcinogenicity and other hazardous agents health effects and therefore be able to create proportionate control measures.
    Identify and understand human epidemiology and how this type of analysis would be useful in determining diseases causes and effects.
    Understand and run through different NEBOSH Idip past exams and provided with tactics and strategies on how to revise as well as how to answer different exam questions based on NEBOSH command words and thus be able to sit your Unit B exam confidently.


    Holds NEBOSH IGC or equivalent HSE qualification
    Computer & Internet

Instructor: Thomas L. Smith
Language: English
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