Take Control of Your Future - Understand Cryptocurrency

Take Control of Your Future - Understand Cryptocurrency ( view course )

Understand How Cryptocurrency Works, the Problems it Solves, and How You Can Begin Investing Long-Term Today.
Take Control of Your Future - Understand Cryptocurrency
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Bitcoin reinvented the concept of money. Although the concept by itself may have some limitations, it has opened the door for innovation within an alternative financial system. We want to share this concept to curious & motivated individuals and entrepreneurs around the globe in hopes to encourage investment and innovation into this new space.

There are many courses that explain the promise of bitcoin from a technological and technical perspective, others in front of a computer screen working the exchanges and trading. From my experience, few explore the economic implications of cryptocurrencies and why they matter. This one does. 

It also offers you the following: 

    Fundamental understanding of the bitcoin/blockchain technology from an economical and world view perspective.
    Introduction to the opportunities this technology can bring for entrepreneurs around the globe.
    Access to a cryptocurrency community.
    Training on how and where to transact your cryptocurrencies.

Thus, the class will be informative, practical, thought provoking and gives access to an abundance of free resources. This video course is taught by CoinCoach Media, a cryptocurrency education company based out of Los Angeles, CA.

Who is the target audience?

    Young entrepreneurs and investors that are curious about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

What Will I Learn?
  •     How to explain the fundamentals of Bitcoin & Blockchain.
  •     How to differentiate the 4 types of digital wallets.
  •     Successfully buy, sell, store or exchange your cryptocurrrencies.
  •     Identify cryptos with massive potential, huge gains and how to know if you should stick with it for the long-term.
  •     Access to an exclusive Cryptocurrency community. Ask questions, chat with newcomers and immerse yourself into a world of opportunity.
  •     This is an introductory course. No prior knowledge of this market or technology is required.

Category: BUSINESS
Instructor: Thomas L. Smith
Language: English
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