How Successful Women Create Loving & Lasting Relationships

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How Successful Women Create Loving & Lasting Relationships
How Successful Women Create Loving & Lasting Relationships

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Are you a successful woman who’s looking for a balanced partnership?
Are you ready to fall in love and create a true partnership?
Are you looking to meet a partner who supports your dreams at work and at home?
Are you eager to know how to make your success work for you in relationships, to attract the right partner?

Then this course is for you!

In this class you’ll get clear about what you most want in a life partner and relationship, what you won’t accept and how you can date to attract a mate that supports and accepts your life vision. We’ll discuss how to date, what issues to discuss, the various types of relationships that allow career women to balance work and home goals; like power couples, peer couples and couples where the woman is the breadwinner.  The pros and cons of these various dynamics will be explored.  In addition, we will discuss how women have chosen partners and been affected by their romantic relationships within a historical context, and how this has changed over time.   We’ll review traditional versus more modern popular dating advice and how this affects our love lives and families.  New approaches to relationships and emerging research supporting balanced partnerships and families will be shared.

This course offers 28 videos, 5 PDFS, related articles and bonuses.

Who is the target audience?
Career women who are single and want to date and meet a partner who supports their dreams at work and at home
Married career women who want to create a more balanced partnership with their spouse
Men who are attracted to successful women or are dating or married to one and want to understand and support her.
Men who want to understand some of the issues they may face in society when developing an equal marriage
Modern men and women interested in creating a balanced relationship where both people model involvement at work and at home and greater wholeness for their children

What Will I Learn?
They will be able to choose a partner who supports their dreams at work and at home and will successfully create a balanced partnership that models wholeness for their children.
They'lll learn what to look for in a partner who suits them
What issues to discuss early on
How to date and establish fairness early on in the relationship
Dating tips for the career woman
What subtopics to address regarding career goals
What subtopics to discuss regarding shared parenting
What subtopics to discuss regarding shared parenting
How to plan for shared work travel and promotions
How to create a team of people to support both your dreams at home and at work
We’ll debunk popular traditional dating & love myths to reestablish more balanced, modern expectations
We’ll explore issues that can come up around sex in an equal partnership
We will list dating sites geared towards professionals
We’ll address the things that men who are dating successful women might have to deal with within themselves and in society
We’ll review the research about how shared parenting and balanced partnerships benefit children and create intergenerational wholeness

All the information and resources are included in this course

Instructor: Dr. Paulette Sherman
Language: English
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